Vocabmeter(Win Store)

Vocabmeter is a vocabulary enhancing and testing game.

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Game has two modes Study and Quiz.

The Quiz Mode enables a player to test his skills and see his ranking with other players across the globe. The Study Mode is a relaxing way to improve ones Vocabulary base.


Finishing the game with the highest perfect score of 3600 or striving for perfection. A Player would be required to answer all 100 words correctly. The Highest Difficulty Level with the Word Timer set for 3 secs is a prerequisite for this achievement.

How to Play

Before we go any further, let us explore the options which form an integral part of the game. The settings are divided into different sections.



Lets you control the way game can be played.


With Online Logging enabled, all logs will be saved on google server. Reset button will let you reset all settings except logging to game defaults

The Game can be played in either of the two Modes – Quiz and Study.


In the Quiz Mode every answer will affect the Score. The Scores will be governed by the Difficulty Level of the Word and the display time set for the word. This mode provides you with the option of controlling the Difficulty Level of the Words presented(which is in the generic settings also available in the Study Mode) and the time for which the word is displayed on your screen by using the Word Display Timer. The number of words in a game is controlled by Words Count Setting.


The Study Mode is not bound by time limits for word display. The scores too will not affect your Leader Board Rank. However, you can select words from the available two list – Default and Favorite. Number of words to study can be controlled by Study Word Counter

Game Play

Click Play, to start the game.  Enter your name or play in guest mode. However, to see your ranking  on Leader Board, players name is required.




Go …


Select the correct meaning for the word in play. After clicking , if wrong meaning is selected then it will turn to red and correct meaning will be highlighted with green. While playing in the Quiz Mode, you will have only a few seconds to select the correct option before the next word appears. As we move along with the game, count at bottom will be updated with correct responses and current word count.



Score Card

At the end of the game the Score will flash and Leader Board will be updated in Quiz Mode. In case of Study Mode and no internet connection Leader Board will not be updated. This page will give an insight to all the words played in the game. Correct responses are shown in green background whereas incorrect in red. These can be added to Favorite for future review. Clicking on item will add/remove word from Favorite list.  



Clicking on word inside score card(see above) will add/remove the word from favorite list. Green star on word is a viisual cue that word is added to the list. To revisit the words in favorite list, go to Settings and then play in Study Mode after selecting Favoirte list.


Leader Board  

Shows top 150 players  name and score. For viewing complete list click here 


We hope you enjoy this experience of building your vocabulary skills as much as we have enjoyed presenting it to you.